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Congresswoman Wexton on the Bipartisan Passage of Resolution Terminating Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Following the passage of H.J. Res 46, a privileged resolution to terminate President Trump’s unlawful emergency declaration, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton released the following statement:

“President Trump failed to secure funding for a wall through the constitutionally defined legislative process. After negotiations with Congress failed, the President decided to put the financial security of millions of Americans at serious risk by forcing the longest government shutdown in history.

“Following the President’s failed attempt to leverage federal workers as bargaining chips for his wall, the President decided to seek funding through an unlawful national emergency declaration. This declaration is a reckless power grab that is not only unlawful, but corrodes the very foundations of our democracy.

“The legislative branch is a separate and coequal branch of government, and the President would do well to learn that. He cannot go outside the bounds of the law, simply because he has failed to negotiate successfully with Congress.

“Congress has a solemn duty to uphold the Constitution and defend our system of checks and balances. This is not a responsibility this Congress takes lightly."