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Congresswoman Wexton Announces State of the Union Guest: Linda McCray, Furloughed Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center Employee

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) announced today that she will be bringing constituent Linda McCray, an employee of the Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center who was recently furloughed during the 35 day federal shutdown, as her guest to the 2019 State of the Union.

“Just days ago, the longest government shutdown in history finally came to an end. But its devastating impact will be felt for years to come. It cannot be overstated how destructive this shutdown has been – for our economy, our federal workers, and the families who bore the brunt of this petty power play by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

“I’m proud to bring my constituent, Linda McCray, as my guest to the State of the Union. Linda is one of the many dedicated employees of the Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center. Her work, and the work of her colleagues, helps to ensure safe and efficient air travel for our nation, but she and so many other critical federal workers were forced to work long hours and long weeks with no pay. Let me be clear, that kind of treatment of our federal workers is unacceptable.

“With another potential shutdown looming, I would remind the President of how severely impacted our air traffic controllers were by this most recent shutdown. Air traffic controllers – both in training and those eligible for retirement—have left the profession. A shortage of air traffic controllers would badly damage revenue from commercial aviation, and disrupt domestic and international travel – we simply cannot afford another shutdown.

“I appreciate Linda’s willingness to share her story. We must prevent another federal shutdown and I will fight to ensure there is fair compensation and back pay for all federal employees and contractors impacted by this shutdown,” said Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton.

“I’m glad to join Congresswoman Wexton as her guest to the State of the Union, and I’m proud that my Representative is fighting to protect federal workers and prevent future government shutdowns. Air Traffic Controllers serve a critical function in our aviation system, and our aviation system cannot withstand another shutdown. For the sake of our country, I hope everyone realizes how the shutdown hurt American families, and I thank the Congresswoman for fighting to make sure we are not used as a bargaining tactic moving forward,” said Linda McCray.

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton has been a tireless advocate for federal employees, co-leading bipartisan legislation to protect benefits for furloughed employees, voting in support of H.R. 790 – the Federal Civilian Workforce Pay Raise Fairness Act, andintroducing a resolution condemning government shutdowns.