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Wexton Statement on Cuts in New WMATA Budget Proposal

In response to a budget proposal released Monday night by WMATA detailing drastic cuts to service and layoffs of an additional 2,400 employees, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-VA-10) released the following statement:

“Severe cuts to service and layoff of thousands of employees proposed by WMATA would be disastrous for our region, local economy, and especially for working families.

“Essential workers and federal employees who rely on Metro every day would be hit hardest by the proposed cuts. This directly jeopardizes the ability of our National Capital Region to effectively fight this virus and keep our communities safe and healthy.

“But it never had to be this bad. For months, my colleagues in the House of Representatives and I have pushed urgently for funding to address the decline in revenue and rising safety costs incurred by states, localities, and public transportation agencies.

“It’s far past time for Congress to act. We desperately need to get out additional relief.”