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Wexton Statement on Trump Administration Rule to Gut Protections for Transgender Americans Seeking Emergency Shelter

In response to the Trump administration’s proposed rulemakeing to allow federally funded housing providers to deny transgender Americans access to emergency shelter, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) issued the following statement: 

"Amid a pandemic, unprecedented economic turmoil, and historic civil unrest, the Trump administration is moving forward with its all-out attack on the rights of transgender Americans.

"The transgender community is already subject to alarmingly high levels of violence and abuse. Violence against trans women of color in particular is an epidemic, and clear protections against discrimination are vital. If finalized, this rule gives a free pass to discriminate. For a community already subject to alarmingly high levels of violence and abuse, this change would put lives at risk.

"It’s shameful that this administration chooses to focus its time and energy during a national crisis on undermining the basic humanity of transgender people."

In May of 2019, HUD announced its intention to gut protections for transgender individuals seeking access to emergency shelter—this announcement came the day after Secretary Carson assured Congresswoman Wexton that he did not anticipate any changes to the Equal Access Rule while testifying before the House Financial Services Committee. 

Following Secretary Carson’s false testimony, Congresswoman Wexton called on the Secretary to resign from his Cabinet position, and introduced a bill to block HUD’s efforts to gut the Equal Access Rule and guarantee legal protections for transgender individuals seeking shelter. 

The full text of Wexton’s bill can be found here