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Wexton Condemns Trump Administration Plan to Allow Medicaid Block Grants

Following the House of Representatives’ vote today on a resolution to condemn the Trump administration’s proposal that would allow states to block grant Medicaid, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) issued the following statement:

“Instead of working with House Democrats to lower premiums and get more people covered, the Trump administration has waged an all-out war on health care. Their latest attack is an illegal scheme to cut Medicaid by allowing states to seek waivers for block grants -- meaning less federal funding and fewer benefits.

“Permitting these waivers would lead to less investment in this critical program, less oversight from Congress over exactly how the money is spent, and -- most important -- less coverage for those who need this care most.

“I will continue to oppose these types of destructive policies from this administration and continue my work to make health care more affordable for all Virginians.”

The resolution passed by the House cites the crucial role Medicaid plays in our nation’s health care system, including providing care for those struggling with opioid addiction, support for rural hospitals, and as a lifeline for children with complex medical needs, people living with disabilities, low-income seniors, and individuals with mental illness.