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Rep. Wexton Reiterates Call for Secretary Carson’s Resignation

In response to reports of Secretary Carson’s deeply offensive remarks about transgender women, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton issued the following statement:

“Secretary Carson's remarks are revolting. These comments only affirm that his recent efforts to erase the Equal Access Rule are rooted in ignorance, not sound policy. By allowing shelters to discriminate against transgender Americans, the Secretary is putting lives in danger.

“When he testified before the Financial Services Committee in May, Secretary Ben Carson lied to me and the American people about his plans to allow discrimination against transgender Americans seeking access to life-saving shelter. I called on him to resign then, and I reiterate my call for him to resign now.”

In May, HUD announced its intention to gut protections for transgender individuals seeking access to emergency shelter—this announcement came the day after Secretary Carson assured Congresswoman Wexton that he did not anticipate any changes to the Equal Access Rule while testifying before the House Financial Services Committee. 

Following Secretary Carson’s false testimony, Congresswoman Wexton called on the Secretary to resign from his Cabinet position, and introduced a bill to block HUD’s efforts to gut the Equal Access Rule and guarantee legal protections for transgender individuals seeking shelter.