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Wexton Statement on Approval of Benefits for Family of USCP Officer Howie Liebengood

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) issued the following statement on the announcement that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has approved benefits through the Public Safety Officers' Benefits program for the family of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Howie Liebengood, who died by suicide following the January 6th insurrection.

"I'm very pleased that the DOJ has granted Serena Liebengood approval of benefits from the Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program following the line of duty death of her husband, USCP Officer Howie Liebengood, in the days following the January 6th insurrection."

"I have been awed by Serena's courage in the wake of this tragedy, as an advocate not only for the benefits her family deserves but also in raising awareness of the mental health struggles law enforcement face and fighting the stigma that keeps many from seeking help.

"I've been proud to work alongside Serena in her efforts to secure these benefits and to reform the PSOB program so that officers who die by trauma-linked suicide are eligible for benefits, which Congress successfully did earlier this year."